Monday, June 27, 2011

5 causes of the trolley problem


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  2. 1: Users leave the trolleys as they are lazy to return them.
    2: Users leave the trolleys as they may use them to block passageways or reserve parking lots.
    3: Users are afraid to return the trolleys as they may be damaged.
    4: Users steal the trolleys and sell them.
    5. Users keep them so they can use them again in the future

  3. 1.People are too lazy to return the trolley

    2.People buy too many things and they need the trolley to help them bring home the things they buy

    3.People steal the trolley so that they can melt it and sell it for money

    4.People do not know where to return the trolley

    5.They steal the trolley to use for their own personal use

  4. 1) The person who is using the trolley might have been lazy to carry their groceries.

    2) The person might have been too weak to carry their groceries. (Elderly)

    3)The Person might have wanted to gain money by selling the the trolley for its metal.

    4)The person might have wanted to own a trolley so that they could easily put the groceries they are buying the next time in other shops.

    5) The person might have thought that the trolleys were for free due to miscommunication.(Elderly)

  5. 1. Too many groceries to buy.
    2. People are too lazy to return the trolley and carrying the bags home.
    3. Inconvenient to carry bags of groceries all the way to their car in the carpark.
    4. Plastic bags will sometimes break.
    5. People would sometimes forget to put back the trolley.

  6. 1.Many people do not want to move the trolley back and just leave it anywhere.
    2.Many people buy a large quantity of things so they need a trolley for convenience sake.
    3.Some people will only use the trolley up to a certain point than they will just put it there and not bother to return it.
    4.There are only a few trolley stands located at the supermarkets so many people will not bother to return their trolleys after using them.
    5.Some supermarkets are only on one floor thus most of the trolley return point is on one floor only and people will buy other things on different floors thus they will not bother to return the trolleys if they are not on the floor that the supermarket is situated on.

  7. 1. People were lazy to return the trolleys back to the returning point after putting their groceries in the car.

    2. Some people are lazy and the push the trolley with their groceries all the way home, not returning it after that.

    3. People bought too many things, unable to carry them home with their hands, using the trolley and not returning it.

    4. People sold the trolley to gain more money.

    5. People would want to use the trolley for their own needs/ entertainment

  8. Mason Sim
    1.People that buy groceries at the supermarket often buy alot of things so it is heavy. For their convenience they bring the trolley back home with them and just leave the trolley there as they are too lazy to return them.
    2.People may take the trolley so that they can play with it at the void decks .
    3.People find it an inconvenience for them to walk back with the trolley and bring it back to return it.
    4.People may bring the trolley back and after carrying all the groceries up to their house, they may forget about the trolley.
    5.People may be afraid to return it after use as they may have scratched or banged it into a wall so they are afraid that they may be charged.

  9. 1) People want to take it home for it would be extra space to carry their stuff
    2) It might be possible that they would sell the trolley as it is made of metal, in order to earn a living
    3) People are too lazy to return the trolleys and leave them lying in te middle of nowhere
    4) They do not where to return the trolley
    5) They forget to return.

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  11. 1. People use trolleys from supermarkets to get the thing they bought back to their homes out of convenience.
    2. People do not want to carry their heavy groceries back home so they make their work load lighter by using a trolley.
    3. There are not many places where trollies can be returned
    4. People think that the trolly is free and do not cost money therefore they use it for many purposes out of the fact that it is free
    5. People may want to sell the trollies for the metal on them.

  12. 1. The trolley is not returned because people are too lazy to put it back after they use it.

    2. The trolley is not returned because people dont know where to put it back.

    3. The trolley is not returned because people want to sell it for its metal.

    4. The trolley is not returned because it may be spoilt/broken.

    5. The trolley is not returned because they want to use it again.

  13. 1) There isn't a point to put back the trolley nearby, thus people will just leave it after they are done with their shopping.
    2) The trolleys can be spoiled (refer to Giant IMM) thus really hard to push around, thus after using it (with much effort), people don't want to take the extra effort to push it back.
    3) It is sometime dangerous to push the trolley across the car park due to the blind spot there. Some people won't want to take the risk.
    4) Some people whom live nearby the area they are shopping at rather take the trolley home, this way they can get a trolley whenever needed and they don't need to carry the shopping bag back home by hand.
    5) People don't think of trying to take care of things that doesn't belong to us, thus whether the trolley is return to its rightfully owner doesn't concern them

  14. 1.They do not want to carry too many Plastic bags
    2.They find it easier to push a trolley than carry a plastic bag.
    3.The $1 fee is too little for a rent.
    4.They might have other uses for the trolleys in their home.
    5.The users might want to sell it for money after they use it.

  15. 1. The person are to lazy to carry their stuff back home so the use the trolley instead.
    2. The person could steal the trolley and sell it.
    3. The person could keep the trolley for himself.
    4. The person is too weak and must use the trolley.
    5. The person forgot to return the trolley.

  16. -It might be troublesome to bring back the trolley after buying they stuff so they bring it back home.
    -The stuff that the buy might be heavy and is unable to carry to back home so they push the trolley back home instead.
    -The trolley is easier to push back home than carry it home.
    -They might be too lazy to find the place where you return the trolley so they bring it back home.
    -They might bring back home to use it for their own means.

  17. 1) Most foreigners did not knew that they must return the trolleys that they used.

    2) People complains that carrying a heavy plastic bag home is tiring so they started bringing the trolleys home and as a result they will then forget to bring it back

    3) People have finish selecting their groceries and realised that they have insufficient money and therefore find it tedious to return each items to where it belongs, in the end leaving the trolley where it is and left the supermarket

    4) The workers there might have used the trolleys to move about with their ' cargo ' and after using it, they might have forgotten to return it.

    5)There might be people 'stealing' the trolleys just to make some bucks from the metals.

  18. 1) Trolleys are not tracked if they are returned.

    2) The people found it easier to push a trolley home instead of carrying many plastic bags.

    3) Trolleys did not have a limit to where it can be pushed to.

    4) People thinks that there are not enough trolleys for them to use if they get to the supermarket late the next day and so they keep them to use it again.

    5) People thought that after paying a dollar, the trolley belongs to them.

  19. 1.People bringing the trolley back home because of heavy things.
    2.Customers leaving their trolley around in the supermarket when they decided not buy anything/or needs to rush off.
    3.For the convenience of themselves,the customers leave their trolley in the carpark near their car when they load the thing they bought
    4.As a form of convenience,Many customers decide to bring their trolleys home so they can use it when they visit the wet market etc.
    5.Trolleys replaces the weak and fragile plastic bag as it can store many items and is durable.

  20. 1) the first reason would be that the trolley ease the load and since some of us might be buying many many things since it's like 90% discount sale and all the singaporeans just go there and buy as much as possible so they would end up with like 10-20 plastic bags impossible to bring home so they would use a trolley to bring them home

    2) some singaporeans that are in the need of money would bring the trolley out to be sold as the steel can be melted down into other materials and they would gain some money.

    3)they might take the trolley's for their own persoal use for example they need to give their neighbours some heavy stuff, they woulld use the trolley to bring it over.

    4)maybe it's their first time at that supermarket and are in a hurry to go home, so they do not know where to put the trolley so they panic!! then they just leave the trolley somewhre and innocently walk away


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  22. -Forgetful people (e.g. After putting the groceries in the car)
    -Bringing the trolley home for the convenience of themselves (e.g. Not to worry about not having a trolley when going for grocery shopping)
    -Bringing the trolley home as many groceries were bought on that day (To use the trolley to transport the groceries home)
    -Melt the trolley and sell the metal

  23. 1.There are usually only a few trolley stands in the carpark, so people would just leave the trolley if they cant find it.

    2. People buying too much products and ended up pushing the trolley back home as carrying would be too heavy.

    3.People being too lazy to push the trolley back to the stands and just leaving it aside.

    4.Trolleys stolen by people to be sold.

    5. Baskets used for carrying products is uncomfortable to people's arms.

  24. 1. People leaving trolleys at carparks after placing their purchases into their vehicle.

    2. People leave trolleys laying around after use because they are lazy to return.

    3.People do not want to return the trolleys because the trolley is too bulky and big thus they find it inconvenient to return it.

    4. People steal trolleys to sell.

    5. People bring the trolleys home because their purchases are to heavy to carry by hand but they do not return them.

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  26. 1. People steal trolleys to sell
    2.trolley return point is far away from car park
    3.people lazy
    4.Scared to return it
    5.people weak to carry plastic bags