Monday, June 27, 2011

5 effects of the trolley problem


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  3. 1. The supermarket will have to create more trolleys or they might not have enough.
    2.They will have to use more resources like metal and plastic to build more of it wasting more resources.
    3.The supermarket lose money.
    4. The service drops as there are not enough things to help the customers.
    5.It might cause harm to people if they are careless or such.

  4. 1. The supermarket's number of trolleys decreased.
    2. The supermarket lose money
    3. More people getting injured.
    4. Supermarket go bankrupt.
    5. Trolleys ATTACK IN SINGAPORE!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!

  5. 1.Trolleys will be scattered around.
    2.They lose the trolley and subsequently they lose the money
    3.Too little trolleys for usage and thus company loses profit as not enough patronizes
    4.A car could crash into a trolley in the night if a trolley is scattered on the road
    5.The supermarket will have to build more trolleys and thus lose money

  6. 1.They lose trolleys
    2.They lose money
    3.Injuries might happen because people might crash into unattended trolleys
    4.They might lose customers because the supermarket might look messy
    5.When customers see trolleys all over the place they do not know where is the proper place to collect the trolleys

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  8. 1. Supermarkets have to spend more money buying more trollies
    2. Trollies left outside maybe an obstruction to people.
    3. Kids see the trolly and start playing with the trolley
    4. People could get hurt by the trollies
    5. Trollies may damage the property of others.

  9. 1. The supermarket loses money since people damage them/lose them/don't return them

    2. A car might meet with an accident if its on the road.

    3. The elderly might trip over the trolleys.

    4. People who shop at the supermarket may not have enough trolleys to use.

    5. Other people make money out of it because the trolley is not chained/locked at its return place, therefore they can steal and sell.

  10. 1. Supermarkets lose money when they lose trolleys.
    2. More stray trolleys in the public, blocking paths and roads.
    3. Lesser trolleys for people to use at supermarkets.
    4. Stray trolleys pose danger to people when they are on slopes.
    5. Children playing with trolleys and hurting themselves

  11. -Lesser trolleys for others to use.
    -Loss for Supermarket thus increase in price
    -Elderly who come to the supermarket may not be able to carry too many things in their hands thus falling and hurting themselves
    -Not many people would want to come to the supermarket as the prices might be too high
    -The supermarket might be closed down as no one wants to come there thus their regular customers would have difficulty as they would have to travel somewhere else to get their groceries.

  12. 1.Company loses money as quite a large number of trolleys are being lost permanently
    2.In the night,If the trolley is left around,people driving may crash into the trolley
    3.Old people might bang into the trolleys in the dark.
    4.Lesser trolley for other customers.
    5.People in need might not be able to use the trolley in the supermarket.

  13. 1) People do not need to pay for the damage or cause of the trolley
    2) People might be hurt by the trolleys lying around
    3) They would not know who had stolen the trolley, so the culprit would not be found guilty
    4) Even when trolleys get missing, the company would replace with new trolleys
    5) The trolleys might blocked paths or roads

  14. -Company losing money
    -Trolleys being left everywhere
    -Not enough trolleys for people to use
    -Injuries caused by trolleys being left all over the place
    -Not convenient to buy groceries due to lack of trolleys which might cause the drop in business

  15. 1) Less trolleys can be use. To replace will take money. If you don't replace,
    less people will come.

    2) Traffic jam will occur when trolleys are left in the middle of the road,
    making it more dangerous.

    3) Even after the trolley been return at the end, after being taken around the
    neighborhood, it can be spoiled ect.

    4) The sale of small trolleys will increase and the amount of trolleys stole will
    decrease if small trolleys are sold at a reasonable price.

    5) The people coming to the shop will be less and less if this problem isn't
    handled properly.

  16. 1. Trolleys might obstruct the cars in the car pack.
    2. It could block costumers pushing another trolley or when carrying heavy products.
    3. Company May suffer huge losses.
    4. Lesser trolleys might affect other consumers.
    5. Might injure people .

  17. 1) The company will then need to fork out money to replace the lost trolleys with the new trolleys.

    2) The elderly in the night might trip over the trolley and fall down. they might be hurt and lost and they might lost their glasses and causing them to lose their sight and start wandering around.

    3) the cars might in the middle of night and not see the trolley and crash in to the trolley. The car will result in a car accident and they might not have enough money to pay the bill.

    4) Children play with the trolleys and might cause themselves to an injury.

    5) scientist will start finding solutions and in the end they invented a motion sensor tracker, to see where they are going so that they will not fall or trip over the left over trolleys

  18. 1) Too little trolleys for other people who may need it

    2) The trolleys may cause a public nuisance if people is not aware that the trolley is there.

    3) People may knock into it and get injured if they did not know if it is there in the night.

    4) The company has to pay a great cause to purchase new ones to satisfy the customers.

    5) There will be many trolleys lying around in the public, disturbing the cars that are driving on the road

  19. - The supermarket will lose money if it continues
    - There might not be enough for people who really needs to use the trolleys
    -The trolley might be kept at random places causing people to bump into it
    -It might be in harm for the elderly
    -Supermarket might lose costumers because of the lack of trolley due to trolleys being stolen

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  21. Darren Teo the loler6/28/2011 09:19:00 AM

    1. A car driving at night and knocked into a trolley.

    2. super markets have lesser trolleys to offer

    3. trolley parked at the walkway and may block the way for neighbors.

    4. trolley may roll down and knock into someone.

    5. Supermarket lose money

  22. 1) The supermarket loses money due to the loss of the trolleys

    2) the people coming to the supermarket might not have enough trolleys for their own use

    3) the trolleys that are left on the road will cause an obstruction for the vehicles

    4) wastage of more resources(Metal, plastic) to create the trolley

    5) Lesser people patronize the shop due to the lack of trolleys to help them

  23. 1) the supermarket loses money since everyone is taking the trolley's away.

    2)what is like everyone is like talking on the phone with a friend then they trip on a trolley and falls down then the trolleys falls and hits another person causing that person to faint since the trolley is to heavy and he loses a lot of blood causing him to go to the hospital.

    3)when the trolleys are taken it is a criminal offence so when the police come and investigate, they will get arrested but they might try to escape via the trolley and ride their way out and they might not have control of the trolley and fall down and injure themselves and eventually go to the hospital and get caught by the police after that

    4)because then supermarket will eventually have insufficient trolleys to provide their customers

    5)at night people rollerblading hit the trolley falls down rolls down a slope hits the elderly causing them to fall down and lose their walking sticks and spectacles and they can't see because it's dark and they can't find their way home because they fell down and knocked their heads and they have amnesia all of a sudden

  24. 1.supermarket lose money
    2.In the night, people will not see trolleys that are not returned and crash into it. more trolleys when people try.
    4.people get free(maybe rotten) food.
    trolleys being pushed out could accidentally hit other trolleys that are not returned and food could be spilled. The food will be picked up by hobos and there will be alot of hobos in that area.